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We can help you

We specialize in taking your church or ministry from local to global by maximizing technology with the least amount of cost, time and resources.

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Did You Know?

We offer creative CUSTOM training video that are designed to teach you how to MAINTAIN your website “in-house”.  This video will NOT teach you how to CREATE, INSTALL or SETUP a website.  This video is designed to support you in UPDATING all the existing pages, plug-ins, and media that is included in your COMPLETED design.  Only the EXISTING pages, plugins, widgets and media will be covered in the training video for your website. Video creation fees may vary based on the DESIGN of the completed website.  http://www.thetechqueen.com/website/products/.

We also offer Website Design Services.

We have a $75 minimum Consultation fee for a 25-minute RECORDED telephone Consultation that is APPLIED to your final balance should you choose to utilize our service.  (Even though ADDITIONAL TIME is blocked out on The Tech Queen’s calendar, and may show up on your confirmation email, the actual timeframe for the initial consultation is 25 minutes. There may be extra time blocked out for post-consulting notetaking and to prepare for meetings that may be scheduled directly after yours, to avoid meeting from back-to-back).

This $75 fee is non-refundable, so if you choose to NOT use our service this fee is not returned because of the TIME invested in the consultation.

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